Bonsai Law Corporation
Bonsai Law Corporation

A Singapore Disputes & Family Law Firm

Aggressively Unfancy.

Premium office locations, lavish interiors and excessive overhead? No, nope and nada.

Our law firm operates out of a small, tech-forward office space in High Street Centre. Technology is our biggest expense and necessarily so. We focus on utilizing technology properly to provide a high-quality service at an affordable rate.

We don’t believe in the trappings of the profession, and our practice is small and efficient by design.

A real estate agent might call our office ‘cosy’.

We call it “saving you money”.

Practice Areas

We provide legal support to individuals and small businesses who require effective solutions and fixed prices.


What Our Clients Say

"Would Strongly Recommend Anyone To Engage Shen Han For Your Legal Needs"

Went for an annulment and it was done very quickly. All details were well covered. Very responsive to all my questions. Would strongly recommend anyone to engage Shen Han for legal advice. Thank you.

— Coddy Tan, Uncontested Annulment client

"No Hiccups and All Done Smoothly"

I had a grant to re-seal and after going to the Singapore court and talking to 3 other solicitors, I settled on going ahead with Mr. Shen Han. He gave me a clear path of how it would be done, the approximate length of time (based on complexity) and transparent charges. No hiccups and all done smoothly. He also answers promptly to your queries by phone or emails which is good so that there are no lingering doubts. Will not hesitate recommending him or using him again when needed in Singapore.

— Danny Gohel, Resealing of Foreign Grant client

"Affordable and Effective Legal Services"

Mr Lee Shen Han and team gave me good counsel for this legal difficulty that I had. Their advice was clear and simple and enabled me to make an informed decision regarding my problem. They were also very generous with their time and covered all the different aspects of the problem. I recommend anyone who has a problem to come and look for them as they provide affordable and effective legal services.

— Edwin, Commercial Dispute client

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